Group Classes offer everything a 1 on 1 personal trainer does, but with a competitive atmosphere in a friendly way. Help increase your active lifestyle, gain functional movement and boost your energy level! Come with family, friends and co-workers to embrace your passion and drive towards a healthy and active lifestyle today!


Boot Camp


ML Fitness Boot Camp is a group exercise program designed to tone and strengthen the entire body. The class will challenge your metabolic rate using varied exercises to incorporate as many muscle groups as possible! ML Fitness Boot Camp features compound full body exercises that will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day!


MLF Circuit training


ML Fitness Circuit Training features varied time intervals that revolve through different stations, giving you a total body workout! Utilizing high and low intensities, Circuit Training accommodates all fitness levels! A fun and interactive class, giving you a great workout!

Thighs, Butts, & Guts 


Thighs, Butts and Guts focuses on sculpting and toning your body through stabilizing and strengthening the bodies largest muscle groups! By isolating and targeting specific muscle groups with a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, this class will help everyone build a stronger core with your mind and body!

TRX Fusion

TRX Fusion combines suspension training with full body ballistic movements maximizing your workout! TRX Fusion system leverages gravity and bodyweight providing a highly adaptable and individualized total body workout! Focusing on strength, core, flexibility and balance, our TRX Fusion class will give you an exciting and challenging workout where you can push your limits and achieve your fitness goals!

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