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Who would have known that walking into a boot camp class could have had such an impact on my life? I had always wanted to try doing a boot camp class but never thought I could make it through due to always feeling that I could never do something so strenuous. I thought I would make a fool of myself. All my life I have been told when I wanted to do something physical, that I wasn’t coordinated and that I shouldn’t even try. After that class I went to one more class on a trial basis and quickly learned that the instructor was tuned into my needs and modified exercises or gave me individual instruction on completing them correctly.

From there I started to train one day a week and I presently train 2 times a week with Stacey. It has been a life changer. Stacey also wrote up a training routine that I could do at home. Stacey makes me feel that I am her only client by knowing exactly what I need taking into account my weaknesses. She is always encouraging and pushing me to do more than I think I can do. This helps me start to feel that I can do other physical activities. When working with Stacey I can always be assured that I am doing an exercise appropriately, and not injuring myself. I am constantly being told that my posture has improved since I started being trained at ML Fitness.

I have a hard time encouraging myself to continue with exercises at home alone once I feel I can’t do any more, but I always here Stacey’s voice in my mind telling me “come on, you can do it!” I feel that Stacey holds me accountable for exercising regularly and watching my nutrition. I have always considered myself fat all my life. After I lost 9 lbs. I slipped and put on a few pounds. She encouraged me in a way that I felt I was accountable for my workouts and nutrition. I felt like a loser but she encouraged me in a way that made me feel accountable.

Since training with Stacey I have felt so much better about myself. I feel stronger and I am beginning to have more confidence in myself and am encouraged to keep going. I can honestly say it is the best investment I have made in myself.

-Anne Williamson



Just over one year ago I was miserable. At almost 170 pounds I was tired of not fitting into any of my clothes and sick of feeling fat. I started eating much healthier and within a month had lost about 10 pounds; but I quickly realized I needed to start exercising to keep losing the weight, which is how I met Jon. In June 2010 I started meeting with Jon once a week for training. He helped motivate me to live a healthier life, by exercise and diet. Looking back I can’t believe how far I’ve come. At 130 pounds I feel so much more comfortable in my skin and with Jon’s help I know I will never go back!




When I first walked into ML Fitness, I didn’t know what to expect. I had never stepped foot into a real gym before. All I knew was I had to make a lifestyle change (or so my doctor demanded). I was significantly overweight, on a lot of medications, and very unhappy. 

I met Eric Zubrow and started on a new path to a healthier life. It was a challenging experience physically and emotionally. It took me a little longer than I like to admit to have consistency in my diet, but once I did, the pounds came off. Consistency is king! 

I met with Eric three times per week. The workouts are always challenging but fun! He pushes you to do more than you thought you were capable of. 

I trained with Eric for three years and lost over 125lbs. I’m no longer on any of those medications. Eric, and ML Fitness, drastically changed my life for the better. It’s not a stretch to say I’m not sure I’d be able to write this today if I didn’t walk through those doors three years ago. 

-Ryan Bernat